PMBA Basketball

  Penetang-Midland Basketball Association

Branding Update:  Association Name

The Penetang-Midland Basketball Association is planning to update our brand prior to the start of the 2021-2022 season.  Rationale for the rebrand:

  1. Penetang-Midland Basketball Association is too long for many use cases.
  2. PMBA Basketball is often used, but most people in other towns/cities would need to ask what this stood for.
  3. While Penetang-Midland represents much of our region, it doesn't cover all.  e.g. Tiny, Tay, Hillsdale, etc.

Some of the association names that were considered:
  1. Georgian Bay Basketball
  2. Huronia Basketball
  3. North Simcoe Basketball
  4. Midland Basketball

The PMBA executive discussed the pros and cons of the many options and ultimately selected Midland Basketball for the highest level of clarity and as it represented the location of the majority of the Association activities.

Branding Update:  Rep Team Names

Currently, we have two rep team names; Mystics for the girls' teams and Magic for the boys' teams.  Branding issues noted:

  1. Branding confusion:  Several instances were noted where PMBA teams were referenced by the wrong team name, belonging to the other gender.
  2. Branding complexity:  This added a second or third logo to advertising and sometimes the need to explain that Mystics was for girls and Magic was for boys.
  3. Brand recognition:  public needed to learn that both Magic and Mystics were basketball rep teams
  4. Uniform Cost:  Parents that had a boy and a girl in basketball would have no opportunity to hand down uniforms.
  5. Team Apparel (Jackets, sweatshirts, bags, etc.):  Separate order forms and arrangements for the two were required and again parents may need to purchase two sets of fan wear for themselves and could not share between boys and girls.

Help us rebrand! We would like to simplify our brand with a single team name for our rep teams. For the 2021/22...

Posted by PMBA Basketball on Wednesday, 6 January 2021